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How to Choose a Crib Mobile

Don't get caught up in trying to find a mobile that matches your nursery. Babies don't give a lick about decor. The right mobile is one that's safe and entertaining.


  • Step 1: Bright colors Look for bold patterns and bright, contrasting colors. You may have heard that babies only like black and white
  • Step 2: Objects face downward Make sure that the images or objects that hang from the mobile face downward, so your baby can see them.
  • TIP: Some mobiles revolve, play music, or perform other stunts. Be sure to check your baby's reaction to these features before settling on a mobile. And always avoid flashing lights
  • Step 3: Avoid sharp & breakable Inspect the dangling objects themselves. Avoid anything with sharp edges or small parts that could break off and make their way into your baby
  • Step 4: Inspect strings Inspect the length of the strings the objects dangle from
  • Step 5: Check connection Examine how the mobile connects to the crib. Make sure the connection is secure and stable, with sturdy clamps or heavy-duty Velcro. Ideally, you should be able to swing the mobile out away from the crib when it's time for baby to sleep.
  • TIP: Once a baby can push up on her hands and knees, remove the mobile from her crib. She could reach it and pull it down.
  • Step 6: Attach to crib Once you find a mobile that fits the bill, attach it to the crib and watch your baby
  • FACT: By 3 to 4 months, a baby should be able to track a moving object

You Will Need

  • A selection of mobiles to choose from
  • A baby to react to them
  • A tape measurer

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