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How to Make an International Ransom Video

Official contest entry in Howcast's How-To Video Challenge by Mike Feurstein and the MovieQuest Kids.


  • Step 1: Assemble a cast First assemble a cast of willing participants.
  • Step 2: Find wardrobe Find wardrobe that fits their character.
  • Step 3: Design the set Be sure to design the set to help make your ransom video warm and inviting.
  • Step 4: Use body language Body language is important when demanding a ransom.
  • Step 5: Get a camera Find yourself a camera with exposure settings and choice of manual or auto focus. Having these basic options increases the production quality more than you might realize.
  • Step 6: Capture sound Good sound is ubber-critical. Utilize a shotgun mic and boom pole. Hold the boom with fingertips to minimize operator noises. This will also allow you to twist the boom and follow quick actor movements.
  • FACT: Using a boom provides clear and focused audio without camera noise or dirty sound.
  • TIP: Check out 3-point lighting videos on Howcast.
  • Step 7: Move dolly We come now to the dolly move. You must begin the dolly move with your feet in a walking decision. Keep it steady, smooth, and further to a stop. The same goes for the reverse dolly: heel toe, heel toe.

You Will Need

  • A cast and crew
  • Wardrobe
  • A location and set
  • A boom pole and microphone
  • A camera
  • Lights (refer to Howcast's 3-Point Lighting video)
  • A skateboard dolly or similar contraption
  • A goal

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