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How to Feng Shui Your Love Life

Give your romance a kick in the pants with the help of this ancient Chinese practice.


  • Step 1: Use sheets that have never been shared with a previous lover. Consider erasing all traces of an ex by investing in a new mattress.
  • TIP: Increase sexual activity by using sheets in flesh-tone colors.
  • Step 2: Position the bed so that you and your partner have a view of the door, but make sure nobody's feet directly face the entrance to the room because that's how Chinese caskets are arranged. Your heads shouldn't face the door, either. If you have an adjoining bathroom, keep the door closed.
  • Step 3: Banish family photos from the bedroom so you're not getting busy in direct view of parents, children, or other loved ones.
  • TIP: To increase sexual activity, put something stimulating facing the bed, like a piece of erotic art.
  • Step 4: Remove objects from your bedroom that have nothing to do with sex or sleep, like a television, computer, or exercise equipment, or at least move them so they are as far from the bed as possible. Keep the area under your bed free of clutter.
  • Step 5: Decorate using pairs of objects and arranging items in twosomes. It reinforces your unity as a couple.
  • Step 6: Remove any objects from your room that you received from people who are in unsatisfying relationships, and add items associated with happy couples.
  • Step 7: When you're done redecorating, put your energy into your relationship. After all, mystical organizing philosophies can't do all the work!
  • FACT: A pair of Mandarin ducks is a feng shui symbol for love and romance because they represent loyalty and marital fidelity.

You Will Need

  • New sheets
  • A new mattress
  • Items from happy couples
  • Flesh-tone sheets (optional)
  • Erotic art (optional)

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