How to Improve Your Posture

Increase your confidence and gain inches by standing straighter.

You will need

  • A mirror
  • Exercise
  • An ergonomically correct work station
  • A car
  • Proper footwear
  • A pruning saw

Step 1 Look in mirror Look in your mirror and assess your posture. Hold your head up and your shoulders straight.

Step 2 Train core muscles Train and strengthen the core muscles that support your back, stomach, and middle by doing crunches, yoga, or pilates.

Step 3 Adjust chair Adjust your work chair or purchase an ergonomically correct one. Your work station should be at elbow height. Tilt the computer monitor upward to eliminate neck strain.

Step 4 Set rearview mirror Set your car’s rearview mirror to a position that forces you to sit up. Each time you look at the mirror, you’ll be reminded to sit straighter.

Step 5 Avoid stomach sleeping Avoid sleeping on your stomach, which strains the back and neck muscles. Sleep on your back with one pillow.