How to Make Egg Carton Lights

Turn your home or patio into an incandescent flower garden with plain holiday lights and egg cartons.

You will need

  • Scissors
  • Three to four cardboard egg cartons
  • A string of holiday lights
  • Watercolor paint (optional)
  • A pin (optional)
  • Milk

Step 1 Cut out the cups Cut out and discard the row of cups that hold the eggs and save the middle strip of cones that separate the rows of eggs.

Step 2 Separate into individuals Cut the strip into individual cones. There will be five cones per carton of a dozen eggs.

Step 3 Make slits Make four equally spaced, inch-long slits at the wide end of each cone to form petals.

Step 4 Make a hole Make a small hole with the scissors into the narrow end of the cup to make a space to thread the light through.

Step 5 Place on lights Place one light bulb into each cup – LED bulbs are best – and repeat for a glowing floral, fairy garden.