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How to Trash Talk Athletes in Chinese

Trash talking is practically the Chinese national sport -- even though Olympic officials want their citizens to clean up their act. Learn to beat them at their own game, in their own language.


  • Step 1: Beg to differ Express your outrage at an umpire’s call by yelling 'What bull!'—'Goushi.'
  • Step 2: Call someone an ass Call someone an ass with a vehement 'Pigu!' The fact that it’s so close to the English word 'pig' is a bonus.
  • Step 3: Call them an 'effing asshole Who doesn’t love to call the opponent an 'effing asshole?' In Chinese, that’s 'Tamade hundan!'
  • Step 4: Send them to hell Tell their fans to go to hell: 'Ni qu si!'
  • Step 5: Pull a "Yo Momma" Pull a 'yo mamma' on them by saying, 'Cao ni da ye.' The literal translation is 'Screw your old uncle,' but for reasons known only to the Chinese, that is just as bad as insulting someone’s dear mother.
  • TIP: Kick it up a notch with 'Cao ni zu zong shi ba dai'—'screw your ancestors of 18 generations!'
  • Step 6: Call them a girl Insult male athletes by asking 'Ni shi nu ren hai shi nan ren?' which means, 'Are you a girl or a man?'
  • Step 7: Call them a "loser" Hope that by the end of the competition you can taunt them with 'Loser!'—'Wunang fei!'
  • FACT: The most profane insult you can hurl at a Chinese person translates to 'you are the son of a turtle egg.'

You Will Need

  • Language skills
  • A good memory

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