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How to Twirl a Woman while Dancing

Follow these steps to twirl your dance partner and sweep her off her feet.


  • Step 1: Get into a rhythm with your partner Dance casually with your partner to get into a rhythm. Maintain eye contact to help lead her into the twirl.
  • Step 2: Twirl your partner to the right Lift your left arm slightly to your partner's right to guide her under your arm. Keep your hand centered above her head as she does a three-quarter turn to her right.
  • TIP: Resist the temptation to force your partner to turn. Keep your hand centered above her head and hold her fingers lightly.
  • Step 3: End the turn Move around your partner a quarter turn to your left so you are facing her at the end of her turn. At the same time, lower your right arm gently to signal the end of the turn and draw her in.
  • TIP: Avoid bringing your arm down too quickly or "snapping" your partner in. Gentler is better.
  • Step 4: Twirl your partner to the left Lift your left arm again, moving it slightly to your partner's left – in front of her face ¬– to signal her to turn toward her left. As she makes a three-quarter turn to the left, move to your right and lower your arm.
  • Step 5: Practice Practice with music with various beats, since rhythm and speed will affect the timing of the turns. Practice dancing before and after the turns to ensure smooth transitions. Then, go fill your dance card.
  • FACT: The jitterbug originated in 1920s Harlem but gained national popularity in the 1950s on the television show American Bandstand.

You Will Need

  • A partner
  • Music

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