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How to Do the Limbo Dance

Find out just how low you can go by dancing the limbo with your friends.


  • Step 1: Have a friend hold the stick waist-high Have a friend hold the stick so that one end is at their waist and the other sticks out. Another friend can hold the other end to make it more stable. Play music.
  • Step 2: Bend your knees, lean backwards, move toward the stick Stand two feet from the stick, bend your knees, and lean backwards so your chest is facing up. Inch your way toward the stick
  • TIP: Don't start with the stick too low -- work your way down.
  • Step 3: Limbo under the stick Move under the stick while you are leaning backwards. Try not to fall down or touch the stick.
  • Step 4: Stand up and lower the stick Stand up and have the stick lowered closer to the ground. Circle back to the starting position, and try to limbo your way under again.
  • TIP: Start a limbo line, with one person following the next, shimmying under the stick.
  • Step 5: Continue lowering the stick until you can't go any lower Continue lowering the stick and going under it again until you fall down.
  • FACT: Chubby Checker's song "Limbo Rock" peaked at the number two spot on the Billboard Charts in 1962.

You Will Need

  • Two or more people
  • A three-foot long stick
  • Music

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