How to Prevent Bike Theft

Don't play Russian roulette when it comes to your wheels. Keep your bike secure with these precautions.

You will need

  • A bike
  • A fixed object
  • such as a bike rack
  • A U-shaped bike lock
  • A cable or chain lock
  • A personal identifier

Step 1 Leave your bike in an open area with lots of pedestrian traffic.

Step 2 Secure your bike to a fixed object, such as a bike rack that is bolted to the ground.

Step 3 Lock your bike using the U-shaped lock to secure the frame of your bike to the rack.

Step 4 Run a cable or chain lock through both tires and the frame of your bike, securing it to the rack.

Step 5 Engrave your name, or paint a swatch of color, onto the frame of your bike to make it easily identifiable as your property.

Step 6 Register your bike with your local police department and with the National Bike Registry.

Step 7 Remember to secure your bike at home as well, since many bikes thefts occur on personal property.