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How to Make a Head Explode Using a Green Screen

Official contest entry in Howcast's How-To Video Challenge by Hunter Boone.


  • Step 1: Open FinalCut Studio Open Final Cut Studio software.
  • Step 2: Matting out subject’s face Use 8 Point-Matte for matte effect. Matte out subject’s face and layer an effect from behind subject’s matted face.
  • Step 3: Key frame matte Key frame matte if subject is moving.
  • Step 4: Check key framing and add sound effects Use keyboard arrows to go frame by frame to make sure the clip is key-framed well. Make sure to layer your effects over the top of each other and add sound effects.

You Will Need

  • Green Screen
  • Video Editing Suite with ChromaKey/Color Key
  • 8 Point-Matte
  • GFX

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