How to Tone Your Body during Your Commute

Lose weight while sitting on the bus, train, or in your car with these stealthy moves.

You will need

  • Isometric exercises
  • Walking

Step 1 Take a deep inhalation that fills up your belly and then suck your stomach in and up as you exhale. Hold for 60 seconds, breathing through your nose. Do three sets of 15 each.

Step 2 Squeeze your butt cheeks together and hold to the count of 10. Do three sets of 15 each.

Step 3 Do some Kegel exercises: Tighten your pelvic muscles without using your butt, and hold for five seconds. Do three sets of 10 each.

Step 4 Put both hands on the steering wheel and gently push it away from you, keeping your elbows slightly bent so you don’t lock your joints. Do three sets of 10 each. If you’re on a train or bus, use the seat in front of you – as long as it’s empty. You should feel contraction in your chest and shoulder muscles.

Step 5 Keep turkey neck at bay by trying to reach your nose with your tongue. Do five sets of 10 repetitions.

Step 6 Put a small, firm pillow between your thighs, squeeze, hold it for five seconds, and release. Do three sets of 10 each.

Step 7 Don’t forget the best way to exercise when you’re in a car: Get out of it! Make it a habit to park a good 15-minute walk from your destination.