How to Meet Celebrities

Want to hang out with the rich and famous? Then you've gotta have a plan.

You will need

  • Time in New York or Los Angeles
  • Tabloids
  • A star-friendly job
  • Charity events
  • Award show tickets
  • Composure
  • A ticket to the Daytime Emmy Awards (optional)

Step 1 Move to LA or NYC Move to Los Angeles or New York if you’re serious about meeting celebrities.

Step 2 Read the tabloids Read tabloids and celebrity weeklies religiously. You’ll soon have a good idea of where the stars shop, eat, drink, vacation, and work out.

Step 3 Get a star-friendly job Take a job that will put you in close proximity to celebs, like at a club, restaurant, or gym that’s popular with the A-list.

Step 4 Be an industry insider Get a job on a film set or audition for parts as an extra. If you like musicians, take a job at a major concert venue.

Step 5 Do charity work Attend charity events that draw lots of celebrities.

Step 6 Attend award shows Get a job as a seat-filler at a major award show.

Step 7 Keep your composure Once you start meeting celebrities, remember to stay cool. You’ll have a much better chance of chatting them up if you are polite and maintain a respectful distance.