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How to Follow the French Woman Diet

Staying thin is easy when you do it the French way, because it’s all about attitude.


  • Step 1: Eat sensibly, and sensuously Eat sensibly and sensuously – French women savor their food by chewing it thoroughly, thoughtfully, and slowly, enjoying every morsel.
  • Step 2: Eat a balanced diet Maintain a varied, balanced diet, incorporating all of the food groups.
  • Step 3: Eat smaller meals Get used to eating smaller portions, and eat only until you’re satisfied.
  • TIP: Enjoy your food. Pay attention with all five senses.
  • Step 4: Eat fresh foods Eat fresh foods instead of processed foods. French women utilize ingredients from farmers markets, butcher shops, and delis.
  • Step 5: Snack on healthier food Eat healthier snacks. French women eat fruit and yogurt instead of candy bars and chips.
  • Step 6: Avoid sugary drinks Drink sparkling water instead of soda. French women are known to drink wine, which, while containing no fat, does contain calories. The trick, as with most things, is moderation. So sit back, relax, and savor a glass.
  • FACT: Between 10 and 12 percent of France’s population are obese, compared with 31 percent of Americans.

You Will Need

  • A balanced diet
  • Small portions
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Healthy snacks
  • Sparkling water
  • Wine

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