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How to Stay Safe Driving in the Rain

Stay safe in a downpour with these tips to handle slippery, wet pavement and reduced visibility.


  • Step 1: Be prepared Check your windshield wipers and tires for wear and keep your tires properly inflated. Treat your windshield with a rain dispersant.
  • TIP: Replace windshield wipers annually and replace tires when the tread grooves reach less than 2/32 inch deep
  • Step 2: Be aware Pay attention to changes in driving conditions during rain. Visibility and traction will be reduced.
  • Step 3: Light up Turn on your headlights when you engage your windshield wipers. You'll see better and be visible to other drivers.
  • Step 4: Slow down Slow down to avoid hydroplaning. If you speed, a thin layer of water can develop between your tires and the road, leading to loss of control.
  • TIP: Increase the distance between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you to allow for decreased braking performance.
  • Step 5: Be smooth Avoid sudden stops and quick acceleration on wet roads, as these can lead to skids.
  • Step 6: Know your brakes Prevent skids by using a gentle pumping action with standard brakes and applying a firm, even pressure to anti-lock brakes.
  • Step 7: Swerve if you have to Swerve to avoid a collision. Anti-lock brakes will let you steer without releasing the brakes.
  • FACT: A 1 inch rainfall equals 22,651 gallons of water per acre, which weighs over 100 tons.

You Will Need

  • Quality tires and windshield wipers
  • Rain dispersant
  • Awareness of driving conditions
  • Patience

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