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How to Roll Pastry Dough

Whoever coined the phrase "easy as pie" was talking about eating it, not making it. Here's how to simplify matters and get delicious, flaky pastry.


  • Step 1: Bring dough to room temperature Remove the chilled pastry dough from the refrigerator and let it warm to room temperature for easier handling and lighter pastry.
  • Step 2: Prepare your rolling surface Dust your rolling pin and a flat rolling surface with a handful of flour. Don’t overdo it, or your pastry will get tough.
  • TIP: For easier rolling and cleanup, put a plastic pastry sheet or a large piece of wax paper under your dough. Put a few drops of water underneath so it sticks to the counter.
  • Step 3: Shape dough Break off enough dough for your crust if you have more than necessary. Press it into the shape you need and dust the top with flour.
  • Step 4: Roll the dough Lightly roll the dough with the rolling pin, moving from the center outwards. Avoid rolling back and forth.
  • Step 5: Turn the dough Turn the dough one-quarter turn after each stroke to keep it from sticking to the rolling surface. Roll until the crust is 1/8-inch thick or less.
  • TIP: Patch holes with spare crust and a couple drops of water, rather than rerolling.
  • Step 6: Place dough in pan Loosen your crust from the rolling surface, and fold it in half or roll it around your rolling pin. Unroll it into your pan for the foundation for a tasty treat.
  • FACT: The world’s largest pumpkin pie was made by an Ohio pumpkin grower in 2005. It weighed over a ton and measured over 12 feet in diameter.

You Will Need

  • Chilled pastry dough
  • A rolling pin
  • Flour
  • A pastry sheet or wax paper (optional)

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