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How to Make Houseguests Feel Welcome

The key to making guests feel welcome is in the details. Follow these steps.


  • Step 1: Clean guest bathroom Clean the bathroom your guests will be using.
  • Step 2: Set out towels Set out clean towels in the bathroom or by the guest bed.
  • TIP: Fill a small basket in the bathroom with soap, shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer.
  • Step 3: Clean guest bedroom Clean the guest room and put fresh linens on the bed, couch, or inflatable mattress.
  • TIP: Put a box or basket with snacks, bottled water, books, and a local map in an easy-to-find place.
  • Step 4: Give guests the tour Show your guests the location of the bathrooms, refrigerator, and coffee maker when they arrive.
  • Step 5: Share schedule Provide your guests with a copy of your schedule and let them know when they are welcome to join you.
  • FACT: Benjamin Franklin revised an old English proverb to say, "Fish and visitors stink in three days."

You Will Need

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Clean towels
  • A guest room
  • Clean sheets
  • A copy of your schedule
  • A basket of toiletries (optional)
  • A basket of snacks (optional)
  • A few good novels (optional)
  • A local map (optional)

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