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How to Make a Cowboy Costume

Need a last-minute costume? Well yee-haw, pard'ner, you can slap together a cowboy outfit in no time.


  • Step 1: Collect all the elements Collect all the elements and props that you’ll need. If you’re missing any of the items, a local toy store and/or second-hand clothing shop should have anything you need.
  • Step 2: Put on basic outfit Put on the jeans, shirt, belt and vest; tie the bandanna around your neck.
  • TIP: Traditionally, the bandanna is tied behind the neck for men, and in front of the neck for women.
  • Step 3: Don your pistol Put on the pistol holster complete with toy pistol.
  • TIP: When looking for toy pistol, look for one styled as a revolver.
  • Step 4: Make a lasso Coil the rope into a lasso. Use a zip-tie to hold the coil or rope together, unless you plan to play with the rope while wearing the costume.
  • Step 5: Hang the lasso Hang the lasso from your belt using a clip-on hook, or attach it to your belt with a zip-tie.
  • TIP: To take your outfit over the top, make a bolo tie by clipping a length of thin cord or rope around your neck with a toy sheriff badge or belt buckle.
  • Step 6: Put on your hat and boots Put on your hat and boots and giddy-up, ‘cause the party is a’waitin’.
  • FACT: Many modern cowboys still ride horses to monitor their cattle herds, and still carry guns as protection against wild animals.

You Will Need

  • Jeans
  • Plaid flannel shirt
  • Leather vest
  • Cowboy boots
  • Leather belt /w oversized buckle
  • Bandanna
  • Cowboy hat
  • 4-6' Length of rope
  • Toy pistol and holster
  • Zip ties (optional)
  • Clip-on hook (optional)
  • A length of thin cord or rope (optional)
  • A toy badge or small belt buckle (optional)

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