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How to Meet Women

Improve your odds of hooking up with a great-looking girl with these tips.


  • Step 1: Hang out where the girls are: farmer's markets, bookshops, yoga classes, dance lessons, or concerts featuring romantic crooners or solo female artists.
  • Step 2: When you spot a woman you want to impress, do something noble. Women find do-gooders more exciting than daredevils, according to one study.
  • Step 3: Know the best place to stand to attract the opposite sex: the center of the room at a party, and at the corner of the bar in a club.
  • TIP: Don't hug the wall or sit down; it makes you unapproachable.
  • Step 4: Do sign up for a dating web site, but don't make any of the top four mistakes guys make on their profile page: Including pictures of ex-girlfriends; posting revealing pictures of themselves; using out-of-date photos; and featuring their own poetry.
  • Step 5: At speed dating events, don't boast about yourself. Ask questions and talk about travel. It will increase your chances of being picked for a date.
  • Step 6: Invest in a good suit. Women love a man in a well-cut suit. Especially if he has a hint of 5 o'clock shadow.
  • TIP: Get into shape, but don't bulk up too much; women surveyed found "toned" men more attractive than "brawny" ones.
  • Step 7: Be confident, even if you have to fake it. Women can smell fear a block away, and it's definitely not a turn-on.
  • Step 8: When you see someone you want to meet, take a chance and say hello. That and a smile works better on women than any cheesy pickup line.
  • FACT: Chicago was rated the best city for men to meet women, according to an online men's magazine.

You Will Need

  • Women-friendly hangouts
  • Altruism
  • A good spot
  • An online dating profile
  • A good suit
  • A 5 o'clock shadow
  • Confidence

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