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How to Deal with an Inappropriate Teacher

Don't suffer in silence if a teacher is getting out of line with you. Take these steps to correct the situation.


  • Step 1: Know what's right and wrong. It's fine if your teacher is taking a personal interest in your studies, but it's not OK if they are asking prying questions about your love life.
  • Step 2: If you're unsure if your teacher is overstepping, ask yourself this: Would your parents disapprove of things your teacher says to you or does with you? If so, they are behaving inappropriately.
  • Step 3: If your teacher is making you uncomfortable but hasn't actually said or done anything improper, restrict your time with them to the classroom. Don't have any interaction with them that doesn't involve schoolwork.
  • TIP: Don't let them manipulate you into spending time alone with them.
  • Step 4: If your teacher crosses the line in any way, like touching you, sending you suggestive e-mails or text messages, buying you alcohol, or showing you pornography, tell your parents immediately and report your teacher to the principal.
  • Step 5: Don't blame yourself. Even if a part of you enjoyed the attention, they're the adult.
  • FACT: Seven percent of people polled in a 2007 survey said they'd had sex with either a student or a teacher.

You Will Need

  • An honest evaluation of the situation
  • Limited contact with the teacher

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