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How to Share a Bed

Snoring, cover stealing, and icy feet can end the honeymoon. Find out how you and your mate can be better bed buddies.


  • Step 1: Choose sides Choose sides of the bed that you will always sleep on. That way, there'll be no fighting it out before bedtime.
  • Step 2: Have extra blankets Have extra blankets on or near the bed in case you or your bed buddy hogs the comforter in the middle of the night. Then no one will be left out in the cold.
  • Step 3: Stop snoring Stop your bed buddy's snoring by poking them with your finger a few times. This usually causes the person to stop without waking them up and gives you time to get back to sleep before it starts again.
  • TIP: If snoring is ongoing, try nasal strips on the snorer or earplugs on the partner.
  • Step 4: Have consideration Have consideration for your mate. If they like to go to bed early, don't stay up late with your laptop or the TV on. Or go in another room and tiptoe into bed later.
  • Step 5: Communicate Begin an open dialogue with your mate about any bed-related problems. Chances are, they'll have some, too, and you can work out any differences before your next nighty-night time.
  • Step 6: Snuggle up Snuggle up with your mate. Snuggling and spooning are the best things about sharing a bed.
  • FACT: One poll revealed 67 percent of respondents said that their significant other snored.

You Will Need

  • An agreed-upon side
  • Extra blankets
  • A poking finger
  • Consideration
  • Communication
  • Nasal strips (optional)
  • Earplugs (optional)

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