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How to Organize an Office Lottery Pool

Tired of always playing and never winning the lottery? Increase your chance of success by joining an office lottery pool.


  • Step 1: Get organized Organize a spreadsheet with lottery drawing dates and payment schedules.
  • Step 2: Type formal agreement Type a concise formal agreement, including drawing dates, money due dates, and a payout schedule. Include the people responsible for checking numbers, collecting money, distributing winnings, and buying tickets.
  • Step 3: Recruit members Recruit members to join the lottery pool and add their names to the spreadsheet. Update the spreadsheet immediately after payment is received.
  • Step 4: Determine how to pick numbers Take turns with pool members selecting numbers.
  • Step 5: Post spreadsheet Post the updated spreadsheet a day before the drawing, always in the same place.
  • TIP: Make sure all members check the spreadsheet for accuracy and sign off the day before the drawing.
  • Step 6: Make copies of tickets Make copies of the tickets and distribute them to all pool members.
  • FACT: Members of lottery clubs or pools win 40% of all lotteries.

You Will Need

  • Organizational skills
  • A computer with spreadsheet software
  • Co-workers
  • A copy machine

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