How to Digitize VHS Tapes

Don't jeopardize your memories. Learn how to preserve your old home movies by digitizing your VHS tapes.

You will need

  • A capture card
  • A computer with movie-making software
  • A VCR
  • RCA cables
  • An external hard drive

Step 1 Purchase an external or internal capture card Purchase a capture card. Internal capture cards are installed into the hardware of the computer; external cards plug into the computer via the FireWire or USB ports.

Step 2 Install the capture card Install or attach the capture card to your computer.

Step 3 Attach the VCR Connect the VCR to the capture card with the RCA cables.

Step 4 Insert tape Insert the VHS tape into the VCR.

Step 5 Open movie-making program Open the movie-making program on your computer.

Step 6 Capture video Open the capture feature of the video-making program, and capture the footage by pressing play on the VCR and record in the capture window.

Step 7 Store footage Store your footage to your computer, or to an external drive, since video files take up a lot of computer space.