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How to Compliment a Man

When it comes to men, not all compliments are received equally. Learn which ones will knock his socks off.


  • Step 1: Make him feel strong Acknowledge it when he does something that demonstrates physical strength. Men like to be thought of as powerful.
  • TIP: If you can sincerely find something to praise about his arms or his stomach, do so. Surveys show those are the areas men are most self-conscious about.
  • Step 2: Let him know he's good in bed Let him know he's good in bed – without expressly saying it. "That was great," sounds canned. But a well-placed moan or shiver can speak volumes about his sexual prowess.
  • Step 3: Laugh at his jokes Laugh at his jokes. Men spend a lot of time trying to make women laugh, so frequent and hearty chortles are taken as great compliments.
  • Step 4: Praise his breadwinning ability Tell him he's good at his job, or commend his ability to provide for his family. Men's egos are very much tied to their careers and their breadwinning capabilities.
  • Step 5: Avoid feminine words Whatever you compliment him on, make it sound manly. Men don't want to be told they have a "cute" or "sweet" anything; they want to hear about their "strong" and "tough" attributes.
  • Step 6: Be generous with praise If you're in a relationship, praise your guy often. Nearly 70 percent of men polled say they wish they received more compliments from their partner.
  • FACT: A study concluded that men actually feel worse about their own bodies after looking at pictures of sexy female models in magazines.

You Will Need

  • Targeted praise
  • Sounds of sexual satisfaction
  • Laughter
  • Masculine words

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