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How to Store Wine Properly

Learn how to store wine properly with these tips from wine expert Gary Vaynerchuk of the Wine Library.


You don't want to go 55, then 74, then 60, then 80.

How do I store my own wine at home? With a sub-zero wine unit. I live in Manhattan, so not a lot of room. So I've got a 100-bottle wine rack, temperature controlled, 59 to 62 degrees. Everybody likes to keep it at 55. I like a little warmer.

The most important thing in storing your wine at home is consistency. I'm not so worried if it's 55 degrees or 60 degrees. You just don't want a lot of bouncing around. That's what wine doesn't like. I don't like anything, really, over 70, 72 either.

So those would be the two things. You know, quiet, calm, damp. A little humidity wouldn't hurt the wine, but definitely, definitely temperature controlled in that 50 to 72 range consistency. If you have a basement or a garage, as long as it's bouncing five or six degrees, I'm okay with that. I just don't like those 15 degree swings.

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