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How to Brand Yourself

Learn how to turn your passion into a business with these tips from wine expert Gary Vaynerchuk. For more How Do You How-To episodes, check out


I'm desperate, desperate to get people to understand this amazing time we live in for financial opportunity.

The single reason I'm writing this book, "Crush It", is because I believe that 99% of the world does not do what they're supposed to do for ultimate happiness in life, especially when you talk about America. We work way too much, and if you're not doing what you love more than life every day, then you're spending more than half your life doing things you're not happy about.

The baby. Uh-oh, I've got to answer this, but I don't think so. "Hello? Hey babe, I'm doing an interview, but I was scared that you were giving birth. So can I finish it? I love you."

I am of the firm belief that in this new day and age where the platforms have been redefined and you don't have to sell it to some editor or agent or TV executive, the fact that you create it and you put it out there, and you can hustle and get attention to it, leveraging tools like Facebook and Twitter and all the other social tools, that anybody can monetize their passion, and to me that is shockingly exciting.

So you've got to really figure out who you are. I get an email every day. "I want to be like Gary Vaynerchuk. I want to be like you." Well, not everybody is so over-the-top and extroverted and borderline obnoxious like I am that's going to catch some attention.

Maybe you're an amazing writer. Maybe you have an amazingly cool studio voice that you could be audio. Find that platform. Put out that content and talk about what you love and know most from your heart. That will open up opportunities that I don't think people understand.

The biggest fan of every sports team, if they started blogging and video blogging or audio blogging about their favorite team, and really did it, don't realize what that could lead to. So much, in today's age. Thirty-six months ago? No. Now? Absolutely.

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