How to Meet Men If You’re Over 50

There are lots of opportunities to meet men when you’re over 50 – you just need to know where, and how.

You will need

  • Golf clubs
  • Sexy outfits
  • Internet access

Step 1 Hang out at the hardware store Start hanging out at the local hardware or home improvement store. Many men, especially retirees, do their own home repair.

Step 2 Take up golfing Start going to the driving range, especially on an early Saturday morning. Most golfers at that hour are retired men over 50.

Step 3 Let others know you are looking Get the word out that you’re looking — everyone likes to be a matchmaker.

Step 4 Strike up conversations with others Practice striking up conversations in the grocery store, post office, bagel shop, or gym.

Step 5 Buy new clothes Jazz up your wardrobe with new, sexy clothes that flatter your figure. Don’t buy what your granddaughters or daughters tell you — wear what makes you comfortable.

Step 6 Try online dating Try online dating — there aren’t many online daters over 50, but this medium continues to grow. Plus, it’s a good chance to brush up on those computer skills.