How to Take Care of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are expensive, so make sure you keep yours looking great as long as possible.

You will need

  • A soft-bristle brush
  • A gentle shampoo
  • A good leave-in conditioner
  • A swimming cap
  • Touch-up salon visits
  • An ionic flat iron and blow dryer (optional)

Step 1 Brush your hair Brush your hair at least twice a day to keep the natural hairs that you lose daily from getting tangled in your extensions. Start at the ends of your hair and work your way up, brushing in a downward motion with a soft-bristle brush. Always brush before shampooing.

Step 2 Wet before washing Wash your hair every other day, and wet your hair gradually before you start. Drowning hair extensions in a torrent of water can cause them to swell and tangle.

Step 3 Avoid harsh products Use the right products. Apply a gentle shampoo, preferably one that doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Avoid harsh products like dandruff shampoos anything with alcohol. Use a good leave-in conditioner every two or three days, applying it sparingly to the ends.

Step 4 Be cool Use as little heat as possible on your hair extensions; air drying is best. If you must use flat irons and blow dryers, invest in the gentler ionic ones, and stay away from the extension bonds when applying heat.

Step 5 Wrap it Sleep with your hair gently wrapped, tied back, or braided to prevent tangling. Never sleep on wet hair.

Step 6 Protect it Use a cap when swimming, and put your hair in a ponytail when working out.

Step 7 Schedule touch-ups Don’t color or perm your extensions yourself, and visit your stylist every six to eight week for touch-ups.