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How to Do a Simple Spiked Coin Trick

Your friends may hesitate to lend you money after seeing you stab eight spikes into a solid coin, but reassure them by revealing that the coin is miraculously undamaged.


  • Step 1: Describe the trick Present the half dollar and the spike box and state that you're going to nail eight spikes into the coin. Let the spectators examine the coin to verify that it is solid.
  • Step 2: Put the coin in the box Place the half dollar into the box and put the cap on the box. The cap will fit only one way.
  • Step 3: Insert first spike Slide the first spike into the cap and through the box until it comes out the other end. The secret is that the first spike pushes the coin so that it sits vertically inside the box.
  • Step 4: Insert remaining spikes Pierce the box with the remaining spikes.
  • TIP: Sell the trick by slowly pushing each spike through, acting like it is difficult to pierce the solid coin.
  • Step 5: Reveal the coin Pull the spikes out one at a time. Remove the cap and show the spectators that the half dollar is free of holes. Take the coin out and let them examine it to see that there is no damage.
  • FACT: Congress passed special legislation to put President Kennedy on the half dollar in 1964; under existing law coin designs could only be changed once every 25 years.

You Will Need

  • A half dollar
  • A spike box
  • Eight spikes

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