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How to Socialize Your Homeschooled Child

Your homeschooled child will have plenty of opportunities to interact with children their own age if you follow these tips.


  • Step 1: Network with other homeschoolers Search online to find a homeschool support group in your area, so your children can connect with other kids who are being taught at home, and you can connect with other parents.
  • Step 2: Get them involved in sports Encourage your children to participate in local team sports. Not only will they meet other children their age, but studies show they will be less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol.
  • Step 3: Find academic competitions Look for academic competitions your children might enjoy, like spelling and geography bees, math leagues, and science clubs.
  • TIP: Eta Sigma Alpha is an honor society for homeschoolers who are not eligible for membership in the National Honor Society.
  • Step 4: Involve them in the arts Encourage them in the arts. Have them join a choir, take a dance class, participate in local theater, or sign up for art lessons.
  • Step 5: Enroll them in clubs Enroll them in clubs, like the Boy or Girl Scouts, the 4-H Club, or a religious youth group. Check out the local library, which offers reading aloud events, as well as other classes.
  • Step 6: Urge them to volunteer Urge them to volunteer their time at a local nursing home, hospital, soup kitchen, or animal shelter.
  • Step 7: Join a co-op Form or join a teaching co-op with other parents who homeschool. Each parent agrees to teach their specialty to all the children, allowing the kids to study some subjects in a group setting.
  • Step 8: Send kids to summer camp Send your children to summer camp. Both day and sleepover camp will provide your children with plenty of opportunities to make friends.
  • FACT: Some 2.9 percent of school-age Americans – over a million – are homeschooled.

You Will Need

  • A homeschool support group
  • Team sports
  • Academic competitions
  • Art or performing arts classes
  • Children's clubs
  • A library
  • Volunteer work
  • A teaching co-op
  • Summer camp

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