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How to Do the Blink Card Trick

Here's an easy way to impress your friends, without having to know much about card tricks.


  • Step 1: Fold two cards Fold two cards in half with the faces on the outside
  • Step 2: Glue the cards together Apply glue to half of the back of each card, and then glue the halves together so the faces of the cards form two right angles and the backs unfold to look like one complete card back.
  • Step 3: Stick another card on the back Apply glue to the front of another card and stick that card to the back of the two cards you've put together. This will hide the line formed by the connection of the cards.
  • Step 4: Loosen the flap Bend the flap formed from the two card halves glued together back and forth to loosen the fold. This will make the trick easier to perform.
  • Step 5: Practice flipping the card Practice flipping the piece back and forth to reveal different card faces.
  • TIP: Try to flip the card face as fast as you can without showing the flap
  • Step 6: Perform basic trick Hold the gimmick card in one hand, and use your other hand to wave over it. When you wave over the card, flip the piece quickly with your fingers making sure to hide the flap.
  • Step 7: Incorporate card into tricks Learn to incorporate the Blink Trick into other tricks. The special gimmick card you've made can be used in several different tricks, so experiment and see which illusions you can create.
  • FACT: Did you know? The King of Diamonds has an axe, while the other three have swords.

You Will Need

  • A deck of cards
  • Glue

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