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How to Do the Elevation Card Trick

Fascinate friends with your ability to magically make cards rise up and out of a deck as if levitating.


  • Step 1: Have a spectator pick a card Have a spectator pick a card but retain the bottom 12 cards. These are gimmick cards containing magnetic weights that raise any card touching them.
  • Step 2: Place card in the deck Take the spectator’s card and replace it in the deck.
  • Step 3: Cut deck and make sure card is next to magnet card Cut the deck, replacing the magnetic card on the bottom of one half on top of the spectator’s card on the top of the other half.
  • TIP: Squeeze the deck tightly together to ensure that the chosen card adheres to the gimmick card.
  • Step 4: Place deck next to fist Place a fist on the table. Stand the deck in front of your fist, flipping the cards so that gravity lowers the weight in the gimmick, raising the chosen card stuck to the gimmick. Instruct the spectator to focus and watch as the card magically rises out of the deck.
  • Step 5: Unclick magnet before the spectator examines the deck After the card rises, discretely unclick the magnetic gimmick that made the card rise.
  • FACT: Did you know? The term "hocus-pocus" dates to the 17th century, when performers invented the pseudo-Latin phrase as a magic formula.

You Will Need

  • A spectator
  • A deck of elevation cards
  • A table

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