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How to Do Trick Shots in Beer Pong

Learn to do tricks shots in beer pong with these easy tips.


  • : Find a place for your cup Don't drink unless you're of legal age. Drink responsibly, and never drink and drive.
  • Step 1: Find a place for your cup Place your cup in the right spot for your trick. Trick shots involve bouncing the ball off walls and other surfaces, sometimes multiple times. To start, place the cup in a spot where there are many bounceable surfaces nearby.
  • TIP: Fill your cup.
  • Step 2: Use geometry Understand that the key to a trick shot is basic geometry. If you take the time to examine how the way you angle your shot affects its success, you'll develop a technique that will serve you for many shots of varying difficulties.
  • Step 3: Start with a simple shot Start with a simple trick shot of only one bounce. Pick a surface and give it a try. Note where your ball hits the surface and how that affects the shot. Practice your shot until you master.
  • Step 4: Try multiple bounces Make the ball go in using more than one bounce. Use a level, flat surface and limit the bounces to a single surface. Take note of how the first bounce affects the second bounce.
  • Step 5: Try multiple surfaces When you've mastered multiple bounces, shoot the ball off more than one surface with multiple bounces. Take your time and watch how the ball reacts to each surface and each bounce. Keep practicing!
  • FACT: Ancient Greeks played a drinking game in which players flung wine at targets

You Will Need

  • Large plastic cup
  • Ping-pong ball
  • Beer or any liquid

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