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How to Stop Being Lazy

You can stop being lazy by using these tips to motivate yourself to find an interest in life.


  • Step 1: Make a list Acknowledge the detrimental effects of your laziness. Make a list to motivate you of ways your life would improve if you were more active.
  • Step 2: Get organized Get organized by establishing a strict schedule for yourself. Set your alarm.
  • Step 3: Break the habit Break your addiction to procrastination by avoiding the couch and television – or whatever your go-to distraction is – so that you remain upright and conscious.
  • TIP: Consider hypnotherapy.
  • Step 4: Set goals Set goals, replacing phrases like 'should,' 'might,' or 'have to' with the word 'will.' You will psycho-linguistically program yourself to succeed, as research shows goal-oriented people do.
  • TIP: Change your diet to help build discipline.
  • Step 5: Exercise regularly Exercise regularly. Endorphins change the chemical balance of the brain and generate a positive attitude. Low activity causes low energy.
  • Step 6: Ask friends for help Lower stress and eliminate unwitting enablers by informing friends of your plans. Their support will keep you accountable.
  • TIP: Don’t confuse laziness with an inability to deal with stress.
  • Step 7: Help others Help someone else. Giving to others can get you engaged with the rest of humanity without obsessing about your problems
  • FACT: Researchers in Massachusetts have identified the "lazy gene" in mice.

You Will Need

  • A journal
  • An alarm clock
  • Organizational skills
  • Goals
  • Exercise
  • Friends
  • Hypnotherapy (optional)
  • New diet (optional)

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