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How to Zoom In on a Mac

Learn to zoom in on a Mac by using your mouse and following these steps.


  • Step 1: Open System Preferences Go to System Preferences and click the Keyboard and Mouse pane.
  • Step 2: Select mouse tab] Select the mouse tab, or trackpad on a laptop.
  • Step 3: Click zoom Make sure the box next to "Zoom using scroll ball while holding," or ''Zoom while holding'' is checked, and Control is selected in the drop-down menu.
  • Step 4: Close preferences Close System Preferences.
  • Step 5: Zoom in Hold down the control key and scroll the mouse wheel up, or drag up on the trackpad with two fingers on a laptop. The screen zooms.
  • TIP: The Universal Access pane in System Preferences also offers zoom options.
  • Step 6: Zoom out Zoom out by holding down the control key and scrolling the mouse wheel down, or dragging down on the trackpad with two fingers.
  • FACT: Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse and developed the idea of a graphical user interface.

You Will Need

  • Mac

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