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How to Keep on Good Terms with Your former Employer

Remaining on good terms with your employer after leaving your job has many long-term benefits.


  • Step 1: Speak highly of your former employer Whenever the opportunity presents itself, speak highly of your former job and colleagues. Words travel, and a positive framing of your experiences will curry favor and reflect positively on you.
  • Step 2: Stay in touch Stay in touch with your former employer. Involve the company in new business dealings, or keep them posted through e-mails.
  • TIP: Stay on top of industry news and gossip.
  • Step 3: Stay in touch with former colleagues Stay in touch with your former colleagues – let them know of any new business ventures, or simply send an occasional "hello."
  • Step 4: Consult with former colleagues Consult with former colleagues, particularly about new opportunities. Talk about your accomplishments and responsibilities to remind them of your contributions.
  • Step 5: Seize communication opportunities Use any opportunity to send a former employer or colleagues a congratulatory message, or a simple "thank you" if they lend a hand with finding a new job.
  • FACT: Americans, 60 percent of them said an extra "thank-you" went a long way toward increasing productivity.

You Will Need

  • Communication skills

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