How to Calm Down Fast

Before you blow up and say or do something you'll regret, try some of these steps to douse the fire.

You will need

  • A dark room
  • Music
  • A mantra
  • Professional help (optional)

Step 1 Separate and chill Take time alone, find a dark room, plug your ears, and sit still until calm returns.

Step 2 Relax your body Relax each part of your body in succession, blanking-out negative thoughts.

Step 3 Cry and recover Cry. Studies show crying can energize the immune system and reduce stress quickly.

Step 4 Walk Walk to burn off energy and meditate on peaceful things. Doctors believe in “self-talk” and affirmations that reinforce the uselessness of anger.

Step 5 Dance to music Dance to your favorite music. Distracting your toxic impulses with external stimuli buys you temporary relief.

Step 6 Breathe Inhale deeply through the nose, counting to five and, pursing your lips, push the air out long and slowly for a count of 10.

Step 7 Say a mantra Chant a mantra to yourself during intense situations. When mumbled or chanted internally, your secret word is a reminder to calm down.

Step 8 Consider alternative choices Reframe your take on events, considering how others feel and contemplating better responses than agitation.