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How to Lower Your Cholesterol

Modify your lifestyle to lower your cholesterol.


  • : Always consult a physician before attempting any exercise plan, or before changing your diet.
  • Step 1: Limit fat intake and avoid trans fats Read nutrition labels. Eat low fat foods, which contribute to your cholesterol more than anything else. Avoid trans fats – hydrogenated fats found in margarine, shortening, and many baked goods.
  • TIP: Less than 1% of your diet should be from trans fats.
  • Step 2: Limit cholesterol intake Maintain a low-cholesterol diet, with no more than 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day.
  • TIP: Cholesterol is found only in food from animal sources.
  • Step 3: Include fiber in your diet Eat high-fiber foods. Good sources of fiber include oats, dried beans, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Step 4: Exercise Get plenty of exercise. Physical activity can increase HDL – good cholesterol – and lower LDL – bad cholesterol.
  • Step 5: Consult your doctor Ask your doctor about any additional steps you should take to lower your cholesterol, such as statin drugs or fish oil supplements.
  • Step 6: Get blood lipid tests Get regular blood lipid tests to track your progress.
  • FACT: In 2009, a study found a link between tail-chasing in dogs and high cholesterol.

You Will Need

  • Nutrition labels
  • Low fat
  • low cholesterol foods
  • Dietary fiber
  • Exercise
  • Doctor
  • Blood lipid test
  • Statin drugs (optional)
  • Fish oil supplements (optional)

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