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How to Choose the Best Handbag for Your Outfit

Accessorizing is an art, so be creative and express your style when choosing a handbag.


  • Step 1: Pick the right size Pick the right size handbag for your outfit. Large handbags go with casual outfits, while small clutches are suited for eveningwear.
  • Step 2: Choose the correct color Choose a color-coordinating handbag rather than a perfectly matching one. If you’re wearing a multi-colored outfit, a single-colored bag is best, and vice versa. If you’re wearing all one color, choose a bright bag for a pop of contrast.
  • TIP: Black is ideal for an outfit with a bright, printed pattern.
  • Step 3: Match the material Match the material of the bag to your outfit. Pair light, summery clothing with a straw bag or tote and pair evening attire with heavier metallic or crystal-covered bags. Leather is the most versatile bag material.
  • Step 4: Consider the form Consider the form and shape of the bag. A hobo or messenger bag will complement casual, weekend dress while a tailored bag is better suited to business attire.
  • Step 5: Set your budget Set a budget for your bag. Handbags can range from lifetime investment pieces to trendy disposables, so consider the importance of the event and how often you’ll be using the bag.
  • FACT: The Hermes Birkin bag – named after model and singer Jane Birkin – starts at $7,000.

You Will Need

  • An eye for color
  • Knowledge of handbag styles
  • A budget

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