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How to Ask for a Raise

Here's a helpful hint: if you can prove you've earned one, a raise is in your future.


  • Step 1: Find out what others make Find out what others in your position make. Try asking others in your field and checking out websites that compare salaries around the country.
  • Step 2: Write down accomplishments Write down your strengths and accomplishments. Be specific. The best way to convince your boss you deserve a raise is by verifying your hard work.
  • Step 3: Make sure timing is right Make sure the timing is right, like just after your biggest accomplishment. When the boss compliments you--that's your cue to proceed.
  • TIP: Employer surveys say your odds of getting a raise are best if you're doing about 20% more work than when you first got hired (or received your last raise).
  • Step 4: Book appointment w/ boss Book an appointment to see the boss so he'll be completely focused on you.
  • TIP: If possible, ask to meet on a Thursday. That's when most people get raises and promotions.
  • Step 5: Explain reasons you deserve raise At the prearranged time, armed with your written list of strengths and accomplishments, explain to him all the reasons you think you deserve a raise.
  • TIP: Lean forward in your chair; body language studies show that forward body posture conveys confidence and power!
  • Step 6: Ask for percentage raise Close by asking for the raise in a percentage term (such as, "I believe that I deserve 300% more than what I make now").
  • Step 7: If the answer is no If the answer is no, simply ask your boss, 'What can I do to make this happen?' This shows you won’t give up, you respect his opinion, and you’ll work even harder to get what you want!
  • FACT: Research shows that women who wear lipstick are more likely to get a raise than those who don’t.

You Will Need

  • A reasonable salary goal
  • A list of your accomplishments
  • Good timing

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