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How to Start Coping with the Death of a Loved One

Even in the immediate aftermath of a great loss, we must embrace life through some basic survival techniques.


  • Step 1: Accept the inevitable Accept that death is inevitable. Allow yourself to feel the pain knowing that the departed would not want you to suffer long.
  • Step 2: Avoid big decisions Avoid making big decisions, except for those concerning arrangements for the person who has passed.
  • Step 3: Lean on others Lean on others to provide what you cannot.
  • Step 4: Read about grief Read about the stages of grief to alleviate fears that what you are feeling is unnatural. Don’t take misplaced anxiety or anger out on others.
  • Step 5: Plan gatherings Plan for anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays, allowing family members to celebrate a life, using music, stories, or family traditions to provide comfort.
  • Step 6: Care for yourself Care for yourself by maintaining a balanced diet and regular sleep. You may have lost energy and may have trouble concentrating.
  • TIP: Take advantage of counseling resources available locally or go online to find out more.
  • Step 7: Rejoin humanity Rejoin humanity in the weeks and months afterwards. Give yourself enough time to get up and running again.
  • FACT: Did you know? The Victorians allowed two to four years to grieve after a death.

You Will Need

  • Friends
  • An understanding of grief
  • A balanced diet
  • Sleep
  • Counseling (optional)

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