How to Change Careers

A change in career takes serious reflection and the following of a few simple steps.

You will need

  • A pen and paper
  • Internet access
  • Friends and associates

Step 1 List goals and values List your career goals and personal values on a piece of paper. Consider how you fit with a company, what energizes you, and what you need to survive and thrive in a career.

Step 2 Write accomplishments Write down your accomplishments and personal strengths. Evaluate your transferable skills, such as leadership qualities and verbal communication.

Step 3 Research and interview Research companies online. Interview friends and associates from other fields for their perspectives on different opportunities and work environments.

Step 4 Analyze companies Analyze the characteristics, profiles, and goals of companies and positions that match your professional aspirations and make a game plan.

Step 5 Network to find a fit Use your network of friends, family, former colleagues, and business associates to gain access to decision makers in targeted companies.

Step 6 Execute the plan Craft a brief, well-written cover letter to illustrate your professionalism and communication skills. Get your resume read by human resources and secure an interview.

Step 7 Interview and negotiate Interview for the job with confidence. Explain why you are changing careers, and ask lots of questions. Negotiate to land at the high end of a fair price range for your services.