How to Use a Candy Thermometer

To make a successful batch of candy, you need the precise temperature, consistency, and timing during the cooking process.

You will need

  • A candy thermometer that reaches 400 degrees Farenheit
  • A pan
  • A candy recipe
  • Candy supplies

Step 1 Check for accuracy Check the thermometer for accuracy by clipping it to a pan filled with water. After the water has boiled for 10 minutes, the thermometer should read 212 degrees.

Step 2 Follow candy recipe Follow a candy recipe as directed. Mix ingredients to a boil.

Step 3 Clip on thermometer Clip the thermometer to the side of the pan. The thermometer bulb should not touch the bottom of the pan.

Step 4 Cook to desired temperature Read the thermometer at eye level and cook the candy to the desired temperature.

Step 5 Remove from stove Remove the pan from the stove when it reaches the desired temperature. Continue with the candy recipe. Carefully remove the thermometer and let it cool before washing.