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How to Date a Millionaire

Nobody wants to be labeled a gold digger, but who among us doesn't want to dabble in the finer things? Here's how to date a member of the eligible elite.


  • Step 1: Dress to impress Dress to attract the type of person you're aiming for: classy, sophisticated, and elegant. You don't need an entire wardrobe of expensive clothes, but a few designer duds won't hurt. Wear understated colors and natural fabrics like wool and silk.
  • TIP: Wealthy people notice the details. Keep up your personal appearance by getting regular haircuts, manicures, and pedicures.
  • Step 2: Find a millionaire Spend time in posh place: hotel bars, art galleries, upscale health clubs, and anywhere else rich folks congregate. Or, volunteer at a philanthropic organization, where you'll be able to meet humanitarians with deep pockets.
  • Step 3: Strike up an interesting conversation Find a way to approach your millionaire and strike up an interesting conversation. Keep it upbeat and light, but don't dumb it down. Nearly 90 percent of high-achieving men say they prefer a woman who is just as or more intelligent than they are.
  • TIP: Don't bring up money. Millionaires can spot a gold digger a mile away, and rich women can be especially self-conscious about their wealth.
  • Step 4: Ask for a date Confidently and gracefully ask for a date. Suggest something simple like an afternoon lunch, and have a favorite restaurant in mind. Knowing something about the menu will win you points.
  • Step 5: Practice good manners On the date, be friendly and down to earth, but practice good manners. Men should pull out a woman's chair, and women should be courteous and gracious. Posture is also important, so sit up straight and maintain good eye contact.
  • Step 6: Use a dating service If you can't find a millionaire on your own, consider using a formal matchmaking service that caters to affluent clients. Reputable services will thoroughly screen their customers to verify their personal wealth and make sure they're a good match for you. Plus, women can often join these services for free.
  • Step 7: Foster the relationship Landing a rich partner can certainly improve your quality of life, but money isn't everything. Make sure you like the person for the right reasons, and find some common interests that will help the relationship to grow. Finding real love is the best way to make yourself feel like a million bucks.
  • FACT: Not all millionaires live in New York and L.A. A study found that the U.S. cities with best ratio of rich, single men to women include Anchorage, Alaska, Naples, Florida, and Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

You Will Need

  • Classy-looking attire
  • Good grooming habits
  • Posh hangouts
  • Conversation skills
  • Confidence
  • Grace
  • Impeccable manners
  • A dating service for finding rich singles (optional)

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