How to Use Flickr

Want to share your photos faster than a speeding modem? Click on Flickr and let the "oohing" and "ahhhing" begin.

You will need

  • Digital photos to upload
  • A free Yahoo! account

Step 1 Go to Go to and click ‘Create Your Account.’

Step 2 Make a Yahoo! ID At the next page, sign up for a free a Yahoo! ID or sign in if you already have one.

Step 3 Create your Flickr account You’re now on an account creation page, with two options, either to merge this Yahoo! ID with an existing Flickr account or create a new account. Click create new account.

Step 4 View your main profile page From your new main page, you can now upload your photos, change innumerable preferences, edit a profile, and much more.

Step 5 Choose some photos to upload Choose some photos you wish to upload. Do this by clicking the ‘Choose Photos’ link, which will pop up a file browser to choose from. Select a photo.

Step 6 Add as many photos as you want Click ‘Add More’ if you wish to add more photos.

Step 7 Click upload photos when done Click ‘Upload Photos’ when you are finished selecting all your photos.

Step 8 Title and describe your photos Once the photos have been uploaded, click ‘Describe Your Photos’ to add a titles, descriptions, and tags. When you’re finished, click ‘Save This Batch.’

Step 9 Repeat process You have now stored photos online with Flickr. Repeat this process each time you wish to add photos to your collection.

Step 10 Share your photos Share your photos by giving friends and family the link in the address bar from your homepage on Flickr.