How to Play the Simon Says Game

Follow these steps to lead children in a game that helps improve listening skills, sharpen physical coordination, and reinforce vocabulary.

You will need

  • Two or more people
  • A large
  • open space

Step 1 Face the players Designate yourself to be Simon and stand about ten feet in front of the other players, facing them.

Step 2 Give a command Give the players a command, starting with the phrase “Simon Says.”

Step 3 Check that the others have performed your command Check the players to make sure they are doing whatever command you gave. Those who didn’t follow instructions are out of the game and have to sit down.

Step 4 Give another command Give another command, but don’t start with the phrase “Simon Says.” Try to fool the players into following you.

Step 5 Check to see if anyone did the command Call out any players who performed the command even though you didn’t say “Simon Says.” Anyone who did is out of the game and has to sit down.

Step 6 Keep playing until only one player is left Keep playing until only one person is left. This person is the winner, and gets to be Simon in the next round.