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How to Refuel a Gas Grill

Exchanging or refilling your gas grill tank is easy to do.


  • : Propane is flammable and hazardous. Do not use or store a cylinder in a garage or other enclosed area.
  • Step 1: Turn off gas Turn off the gas on the grill and any external burners.
  • Step 2: Turn off cylinder value Turn the cylinder tank valve hand wheel all the way to the right until it is completely closed.
  • Step 3: Unscrew hose or knob Unscrew the hose or knob that connects the grill to the tank and remove the tank from the grill.
  • TIP: Rap on the side of the tank. An empty tank will have an echo.
  • Step 4: Transport tank Transport the tank in a secure, upright, and vertical position to be refilled or exchanged.
  • TIP: Never allow the tank to be bounced around, and don’t transport more than four tanks at a time.
  • Step 5: Take empty tank to a propane dealer Take the empty tank to a propane refueling or exchange dealer to be refilled.
  • Step 6: Reconnect Take your full tank home, reconnect it, and start grilling.
  • FACT: More than two-thirds of all grills are fueled by propane.

You Will Need

  • A gas grill
  • A propane tank
  • A propane dealer

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