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How to Keep Your Job

The more people lose their jobs the more competition there is for yours, so heighten your value to your employer.


  • Step 1: Clarify duties Clarify your duties and tasks and stay focused, asking questions about what’s expected of you.
  • Step 2: Listen and cooperate Listen well, cooperating on team objectives. Voice your opinions but be flexible.
  • TIP: Share, play fair, clean up, don’t take anything, and say you’re sorry.
  • Step 3: Be punctual Be punctual and meet deadlines. Get enough sleep and exercise so you can be fresh and ready for mental challenges and inevitable pressures.
  • Step 4: Spruce up Spruce up and maintain a clean and professional work area. Dress conservatively.
  • Step 5: Admit mistakes Take responsibility when you are wrong.
  • TIP: Stay abreast of other occupations that might fit your skill set, in case an opportunity should arise or you need to make a change.
  • Step 6: Save personal stuff for later Save personal phone calls and e-mails for breaks outside the office.
  • FACT: Bad credit can negatively impact your chances of keeping a job. Employers sometimes check credit reports to evaluate employees for promotions or retention.

You Will Need

  • Communication skills
  • A cooperative demeanor
  • A team spirit

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