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How to Improve Your Vocabulary

If TV cartoons don’t provide enough intellectual stimulation, try these tips to improve your vocabulary and impress your friends, or just yourself.


  • Step 1: Read everything Read everything you can get your hands on with a dictionary at hand for unfamiliar words.
  • Step 2: Look up words every day Look up a word in the dictionary each day. Once you comprehend usage and correct pronunciation, write it down, and memorize it.
  • Step 3: Note words for later use Listen to conversations and jot unfamiliar words in a notepad. Look the word up, and use it in conversation.
  • TIP: Flashcards with word definitions are a quick way to practice sounds, pronunciations, and meanings.
  • Step 4: Write sentences Write words in a sentence; then read them aloud to retain them.
  • Step 5: Play word games Play word games which build your vocabulary while you’re enjoying competition and having fun.
  • TIP: Access online resources for daily word challenges and fun vocabulary exercises.
  • Step 6: Group words by theme Group words and meanings specific to fields of interest or themes.
  • FACT: Did you know? Reading 15 minutes a day translates into one million words a year.

You Will Need

  • Books
  • A dictionary
  • A notepad
  • A computer with internet access

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