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How Do You How-To With John Berman: Stay Manly Wearing Makeup

Learn how to stay manly while wearing makeup with ABC News correspondent John Berman. For more How Do You How-To episodes, check out


John Berman: When you're as virile as I am, staying manly is no challenge at all.

If you're a guy on TV who has to wear makeup, I think the key is to make it look like you're not actually wearing makeup. I got it.

Man: Just a little bit.

John Berman: Better? If you're wearing enough that people can see that you're wearing it, then it's problematic.

Question: What do use you?

John Berman: I go for a little beard cover and then a little powder. I've been using the same makeup sponges since the Clinton administration, and I'm not sure that that's the healthiest thing.

Question: How do you get it on?

John Berman: Well, you sneak into a bathroom with your backpack, if you can. If there's no bathroom around, you use a car window or one of the side mirrors in a car. You have to just do it with confidence. Look like you're there on purpose. The minute you start looking sheepish putting makeup on, people will start pointing fingers. So you have to just believe in yourself, believe in what you're doing.

Question: Ever get harassed?

John Berman: Occasionally you're doing an interview somewhere and there's a public bathroom and you're putting on makeup, and people are looking at you like, "What are you doing, exactly?" And so what I try to do when that happens is just give them a look like, "Yeah, of course I'm putting on makeup in the bathroom here. What's your problem? You know, you could use some too, pal."

Question: Any last words?

John Berman: This is my world. I'm putting on makeup. If you don't like it, you know, buzz off.

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