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How to Prank Someone's iPhone

Here's a devious way to school someone's iPhone in the art of profanity.


  • Step 1: Use flattery to gain access Compliment your friend on their iPhone. Ask if you could put your grubby, non-iPhone using hands on it to feel its specialness, just for a moment.
  • Step 2: Go to contacts list Go to the contacts list and add a new contact. Put the name of an especially offensive curse word in the name field and leave the rest of the information, such as phone number, blank.
  • TIP: Add curse words in other languages, such as French or Klingon, for variety.
  • Step 3: Repeat Add new contacts for each profane word you'd like to add. The iPhone uses the contacts list as part of its predictive text database and will override the function that auto-corrects swear words.
  • Step 4: Await the inevitable Wait for your friend to text someone and get an unexpected eyeful of your sick humor. They may even thank you for being able to fully express themselves without the autocorrect getting in the way.
  • FACT: The iPhone was first announced at the Macworld Conference & Expo in January 2007.

You Will Need

  • A sick sense of humor
  • Flattery
  • Access to someone's iPhone
  • A list of swear words
  • Klingon or French profanity (optional)

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